Sticky Notes App version 1.4.1 for PC

Applicable Ring: Fast Store update

  • Some of you told us that keeping track of long URLs was a little unsightly when they appeared in the insight window. We've shortened them up for you to just the right length so they look much, much better.
  • A few of you were experiencing an app crash when checking for an update - Sorry! Your updates should now be running smoothly.
  • And finally for everyone, we've packed a whole lot of small improvements behind the scenes to keep your notes humming along.
  • Want to see Sticky Notes continue to evolve? We'd love your help. You could previously find the setting to send us data anonymously in-app but we've removed this now for simplicity. Ensure your Windows' Feedback Privacy Settings are set to Enhanced or Full and you'll be helping us to improve the app—it's as simple as that.