Maps App: Version - 4.1602.760.0

Applicable Rings: Release Preview – Store update. 

  • For those of you living in countries or regions where we offer nearby search results, we’ve made improvements to our algorithms to give you closer and better search results.
  • Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance
Camera App: Version – Desktop (2016.325.10.0); Mobile (2016.325.11.0)

Applicable Rings: Fast and Slow – Store update. 

  • Pause and resume video while you record video to help you stitch together separate moments without the work of editing your videos.
  • Rich HDR (available on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL).
    • If you have a Lumia 950 or 950XL, we've made one more small tweak to the Camera app: in the past, you had a choice between “Rich capture off,” and “Rich capture auto,” which automatically detected challenging lighting conditions and turned on HDR features so you can shoot now and fine-tune later to always get the best lighting in every shot.
    • With this update, we’ve changed the name from “Rich capture” to “Rich HDR” to help new users coming from other platforms understand the feature better. And we've added a "Rich HDR on" option, to keep this feature on and help you guarantee the best quality shots in the most challenging lighting conditions.

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