Hi everyone, This is Mike Fortin, the Corporate VP of Windows and Devices Core Quality.  We are excited to include you, the Windows Insiders, in this Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bug Bash. Internally we started the Bug Bash on Monday, while we validated this latest build met the ring promotion criteria. This week our teams are focused on filing feedback submissions & up-votes alongside Windows Insiders, reviewing incoming feedback from Windows Insiders and Microsoft engineers, prioritizing the problems being reported from feedback, and then fixing bugs based on your feedback. The Bug Bash will run through Sunday May 1st, 11:59 PM PST.

We know Windows Insiders have already submitted feedback in many areas. This week is a great opportunity try new features of the product and discover areas of the product you may not have explored previously. As you do this, please submit feedback or add additional comments to any existing feedback, and up-vote problems you are also experiencing.

We are also using a daily set of new Quests within the Feedback hub both with our internal Microsoft engineers and Windows Insiders to help highlight different areas of the product to try and give feedback on. Today’s Quests are available here.

We have lots of opportunities for Windows Insiders to participate in this Windows 10 Anniversary Update Bug Bash.


To participate in this Bug Bash, you must be a registered Windows Insider. To register your MSA or check for prior registration, visit insider.windows.com.

If you are already running Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, you’ll need to be on the latest Fast ring build. If you’d like to participate in the Bug Bash on an additional device that is not currently flighting, review the following steps:

Mobile flighting:

  • Ensure your device model is supported: Insider Preview Supported Devices
  • Install the Windows Insider application on your phone
  • Follow the steps in the app to add the Microsoft Account (MSA) you have registered to the Windows Insider program
  • Select a flighting ring (only the Fast ring is participating in this Bug Bash)
  • Follow any on-screen directions, including rebooting your phone and then checking for updates

PC flighting:

If your PC already has a Windows 10 build installed:

  • Open Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options
  • Enable Windows Insider Preview builds
  • (Must select Windows Insider Fast to participate in this Bug Bash)
  • Reboot your machine and wait for Compatibility Checker to run in the background (this can take up to 48 hours)
  • Install the new build when notified than update is available

If your PC is currently running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1:

Giving Feedback:

Feedback is important for making changes and improvements in Windows 10. This communication with users helps Microsoft gauge product satisfaction, build quality, and is instrumental in guiding conversations regarding what changes to make within the OS.

Receiving quality and actionable feedback is key in achieving these goals. When providing feedback, please take the following steps:

Check for existing feedback

  • Another user may have already shared the same feedback. If they have, please “upvote” the existing feedback to help prevent duplicate submissions
  • Add additional comments to existing feedback. This can help others by providing clarity to existing information or additional scenarios to review

Use a clear title when submitting new feedback

  • Example of a good title: “Groove crashes with error 80041007 when connected to Bluetooth”

 Provide feedback items one item at a time

  • When sharing feedback, logs may be collected depending on the type of feedback being submitted and system settings. Providing one at a time ensures the correct information is received

Provide a clear and thorough description of the issue

  • When sharing additional details, it is important to provide as much clarity of the issue as possible
  • Include steps to reproduce the issue
  • Attach screenshots (if applicable)
  • Please use the “reproduce issue” option if available for the type of feedback being submitted

We will be sending updates daily with new quests, so stay tuned to the Feedback Hub for news and information. If you have questions, please reach out to us via Twitter! Our handle is @WindowsInsider.

Thanks again for participating in this Bug Bash and helping make the Windows 10 Anniversary Update even better!