Groove Music app: version 10.16101.1025

Applicable Ring: Fast Ring Store update

Hello, Groove Insiders! We released an app update for Groove Music on Windows. The newness included in this update is described below. Try it out and then tell us what you think in the Feedback Hub app. We hope you like the changes!

  • When you're offline, it's easier to see what's playable. When you're connected again, online pages automatically refresh.
  • Search auto-suggestions on Xbox can easily be seen and accessed directly above the on screen keyboard.
  • We added additional accessibility context in UI components allowing narrator to be more descriptive when reading user context.
  • Notifications will remain on screen as long as they have focus, otherwise they will automatically dismiss.
  • We improved the persistent header in collection pages to remove graphical glitches and increase the smoothness of scrolling.